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Woodstake Prologue

When a vampire descends on the Woodstock Festival in 1969, hippies, anti-war protesters and music lovers try to survive three days of peace, music and blood in this comedy of horrors. Woodstake is a sharp-witted comedy of horrors combining vampire lore, pop culture and the politics of the 1960s. With its unique concept, attention to detail, and combination of horror and comedy, Woodstake is a series you will want to collect. Besides who doesn't want to see a vampire trip on LSD.

In the New World, an ancient evil awakes, longing for sustenance and revenge...

In the year 1927, a powerful vampire arrives in America, seeking a new life and new prey. The vampire sets his sights on a beautiful young woman on the eve of her marriage, leading to a bloody confrontation.

This special edition includes a preview of Issue #1: Going up the Country.

Featuring the art of Felipe Kroll.