Woodstake Issue #0 - Prologue

Woodstake Issue #0 - Prologue

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A Bloody Good Fun Vampire Comic Book

Sink your teeth into Woodstake a brilliant horror/comedy about three days of peace, music, and blood. In the summer of 1969, an old and deadly vampire awakens as hippies unknowingly gather for the historic Woodstock Festival. Amidst the backdrop of peace signs and protest anthems, festival-goers are hunted in a chilling but hilarious adventure filled with music, mayhem, and vampires tripping hard on hippie blood. Woodstake is a must-have series, masterfully blending 1960s counterculture, psychedelic imagery, vampire mythology, and biting humor into something truly special. Prepare for a wild ride of laughs and frights in Woodstake!


The Woodstake Prologue is a gripping saga of desire, fear, and fangs as the New World trembles under the stirrings of an ancient, sinister force. Thirsting for sustenance and driven by revenge, a formidable vampire lands on America's burgeoning shores, hunting for a fresh start and fresher blood. His dark desires fixate on a captivating young woman, standing on the threshold of her wedding. Prepare for a tale of ancient terror where love, fate, and death collide!


Featuring the art of Felipe Kroll.

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