Woodstake Issue #2 - My Generation (Digital Edition)

Woodstake Issue #2 - My Generation (Digital Edition)

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Discover this Hippie Vampire Comic Book Comedy of Horrors

Embark on a groovy journey with "Woodstake," a sensational horror/comedy comic series that transports you to three days of peace, music, and blood at the iconic Woodstock Festival. Set in the summer of 1969, this brilliant series follows the awakening of an ancient vampire amidst the gathering of unsuspecting hippies. Against the backdrop of peace signs and protest anthems, festival-goers become prey in a chilling yet uproarious adventure filled with music, mayhem, and vampires tripping hard on hippie blood.

"Woodstake" is not your average comic series - it's a must-have masterpiece that seamlessly blends 1960s counterculture, psychedelic imagery, vampire mythology, and biting humor into something truly extraordinary. Get ready for a wild ride of laughs and frights as you immerse yourself in the unique world of "Woodstake"!

In Issue #2, titled "My Generation," prepare for a gripping tale of political arguments, high-speed car chases, and a sheriff with his own agenda, all culminating in murder and entangling our protagonists - Jon, Nina, and Artie - with the vampire.

"Woodstake" has been hailed as "as shrewd as Shaun of the Dead" and is a must-have addition to your comic collection. Don't miss out on the hilarity and horror - dive into "Woodstake" today!

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