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The Disciple Paperback

The Disciple Paperback

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An extraterrestrial discovery on the ocean floor.

A brilliant young biologist, determined to unravel it.

John Haggerty is a web of conflicting emotions after his religiously devout mother dies, shaking both his faith and his sense of identity. But that doesn't stop him from immediately returning to his academic pursuits. A career-defining opportunity comes in the form of an invitation to join a scientific expedition investigating the origins of life on Earth. Soon, John finds himself twelve thousand meters below the ocean's surface, exploring the secrets of an extraterrestrial object known as The Hand of God. But John has secrets too, and the voices in his head are growing louder.

Struggling with his inner demons leads John back to the surface where a chance encounter with a mysterious woman entangles him in a cultist agenda. When John reassumes his duties in the deep, a sinister force commands his movements. And by the time he detects the deadly plot he'd been dragged into, The Hand of God reaches out, transforming his life forever.

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