EroTech Issues #1 and #2 with a Retro Variant Cover

EroTech Issues #1 and #2 with a Retro Variant Cover

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Experience the best of both worlds with our special, limited edition printing of EroTech issues #1 and #2, hailed as "The Next Great HBO Max Series" by Matt Sardo of MFR Magazine. Dive into the thrilling world of workplace antics, technological mishaps, and steamy encounters with this bestselling comic book series.

In Issue #1, titled "Steve's Dick," follow Samantha Jenkins as she leads her team of misfit engineers and managers in the race to release a new sex robot on time. But when the robot proves to be more than they bargained for, chaos ensues in this hilarious and risqué adventure.

In Issue #2, "Paul's Promise," tensions escalate as management brings in a flashy consultant to ensure the success of the model 6000 launch. But as Samantha questions whether she can trust him, secrets emerge that threaten to unravel everything she's worked for.

This special edition features the Retro Meme Variant Cover, showcasing the artistry of Geoffrey Krawczyk and adding a unique twist to these captivating stories. Don't miss your chance to own this exclusive collector's item!

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