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SHP Comics - New Indie Comics Publisher Launches With a Bang!

Introducing SHP Comics: A Fresh Wave in the Indie Comics Scene


This month, SHP Comics is celebrating our one-year anniversary. During our first year, we published six issues in three unique series. These stories will continue in 2023, and new series will be released. To celebrate, and thank our fans, we will be offering a FREE Digital Comic to everyone. Stay tuned for details.



Shipping for Kickstarter backers has started for our latest title: THE SEX-6000 Issue #1 Dominance Level 4. This series is another hilarious and edgy story from the world of EroTech. Drawn by Geoffrey Krawczyk in black, white and red, this series brings to life Darin's original sex-robot-office-comedy short story. This limited-edition series will only be available to Kickstarter backers.


Here is the latest colored page for Woodstake Issue #3: Freedom Art by Felipe Kroll. Issue #3 is going to be the break-out issue for Woodstake. Get ready for some intense, LSD-laced hippie vs. vampire action with a sharp edge of black humor.



I decided to launch SHP Comics in October, 2021. I was attending the Austin Film Festival as a Second Rounder with Woodstake when all of a sudden, it hit me. I don't want to just hand this story over to someone else to produce. I want to bring it to life myself. My love of comic art started when, as a kid in the seventies, I stole my brother's copies of Mad Magazine. Like most of my friends, I grew up reading the National Lampoon, watching Animal House, and stashing copies of Hustler magazine under my mattress. My appreciation of comic books and graphic novels was forever changed when I read Art Spiegelman's Maus during my senior year of high school. I left the Austin Film Festival determined to start my own company and to publish Woodstake myself. I launched SHP Comics in January of 2022 and have never looked back. The response has been incredible. Thank you all for your support. The best is yet to come!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Felipe and everyone at SHP Comics

Art by Felipe Kroll

We're thrilled to announce the exciting launch of SHP Comics, your new indie comics haven. Stepping onto the indie comics scene, we're here to bring a refreshing wave of creativity and diversity. With three outstanding titles to kick start our journey, we're eager for you to embark on this exhilarating ride with us.

Our debut into the world of indie comics isn't just any ordinary launch. It's a fusion of unconventional storytelling, vivid illustrations, and innovative themes across different genres. We've carefully curated a selection of titles bound to ignite the curiosity of comic book enthusiasts and new readers alike.

At SHP Comics, we're passionate about creating an immersive experience for our audience. Our indomitable spirit and daring venture into the indie comics industry punctuates our commitment to this medium's potential. From fantasy to realism, humour to intrigue, there's something to enthral everyone with our extensive range of comics.

Are you ready to delve into imaginative worlds, experience heart-pounding adventures, and meet unforgettable characters? Stay tuned for our upcoming releases and join the indie comic revolution. SHP Comics is here to stay, leaving an indelible impression on the indie comic book landscape.

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