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5 Reasons Why Screenwriters Should Consider Creating Comic Books

Writing Scripts: Comic Books and Screenwriting

Shawn gives us a few reasons why screenwriters should take a page from the world of comics. 

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While many may view screenplay writing and comic book creating as two different universes, there's a mystical land where these two coincide. As a screenwriter looking to expand your skills, venturing into the world of comics may just be the perfect next step.

It's easy to see why one might think the occupations are worlds apart. After all, one is a literary art form composed of moving pictures while the other is static artwork. However, these two have many critical traits in common - they both narrate stories visually and sequentially, using imagery, dialogue, and pacing to convey their narrative and evoke emotions.

The focus on visual storytelling and dialogue makes comics a great medium for screenwriters. Not only can they use it to plan and visualize their scripts, but also diversify their work and reach new audiences.

Aside from these common traits, there are specific reasons for screenplay writers to explore comic books. The five key motive include stepping outside the comfort zone, exhibiting content ownership, expanding creative skills, reaching a new market, and taking a hands-on approach to visualization.

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